Detroit-based Tehrani sound engineer/producer/DJ and multidisciplinary artist Salar Ansari has become an essential part of Detroit’s underground scene via his community-driven emphasis on collaboration, space-making, and numerous educational workshops.

Over the summer, the frequent Derrick May collaborator has been slowly releasing a drip-feed of small EPs and singles 

Starting off on a mellow note, SALAR TRAX VOL.2 opens with an expansive 11-minute jazz/house tune that mixes  unbelievably smooth bass-guitar riffs, with a tight rhythm section, emotionally charged piano chords and soaring horn solos. ‘What U C Is What U Get’ takes it’s time building layers of lush instrumentation. That being said, while listening through ‘What U C Is What U Get’ one barely notices time passing before Ansari shifts the track into a euphoric dance floor smash by bringing in the kick drums at around the halfway point

The second track ‘My Roommate Is and A**hole’ kick’s into club territory with slapping breakbeats and funk-inspired synthwork, all brought together in total cohesion with the intense attention to detail of a seasoned multi-instrumentalist.

Check out Salar Ansari’s previous release, SALAR TRAX VOL.1 below:

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