Hailing from Casablanca, producer, selector and record label founder Mouchine Zouitina, aka Polyswitch, has dropped his Feverish Cuts Vol 2. EP through his very own Astrofever imprint. While a devoted contributor to Morocco's contemporary music scene as a DJ, more recently as a label-owner Polyswitch has been fronting the scene's escalating soar, alongside fellow Moroccan collective and imprint, Casa Voyager. At the heart of his Astrofever imprint is a mission to project the kind of sonic expression that defies standardised paradigms. With its Afrofuturistic basis, Feverish Cuts is a testimony to the artist's objective.
Constituting a flowy transition from Astrofever's first release Feverish Cuts Vol 1, Vol 2's A-side is similarly influenced by the sounds of funk, soul and disco. Indeed, the summer chillers from Feverish Cuts' second edition are not audibly a world apart from its antecedent's groovy hip-swayers. Meanwhile, the album's B-side - namely its track "Testarossa Theme" - features a light injection of 303-synth electronica which salvages the album from slipping into the all-too familiar category of Ibiza classics, all the while retaining a deeply embedded groove.

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