As rap continues it’s meteoric rise to the top of the MENA music charts, keeping up with the seemingly endless daily flow of new rap music is becoming quite a challenge. In order to keep you up-to-date with the latest releases from some of the MENA’s best rap talents, we’ve compiled this list of ten new and noteworthy musical rap projects released over the past week or so. 

Today's selection features Tagne, Abyusif x Lil Baba, Molotof x Savage Plug, Samara, Omar Tesla, El Blanco, Moscow, Khaled Khalifa x 200 Shams, Rozzma, and Ge11o x Impact & Kamikazem

Tagne - La Miséria

Abyusif x Lil Baba - Mesa

Molotof x Savage Plug - Bora Bora

Rozzma - Hout

Samara - For Real

Omar Tesla - Marie

El Blanco - Zlatan

Moscow - Maqam

Khaled Khalifa x 200 Shams - A’dda A’dda

Ge11o (feat. Impact & Kamikazem) - Baghbaghana