Some of the releases from around the region in the past week or so have been amongst the most exciting and refreshing musical projects to drop all year. This week’s selection includes a range of percussive dance music, post-club, avant-jazz, farsi grime, folk, ambient, organic house, and techno courtesy of NURI, Praed Orchestra, DJ Plead, Tardast, Natik Awayez, Dakn, Rojin Sharafi, Santi & Tuğçe, and Hania.

In order to keep things succinct, we’ve omitted mainstream rap releases from this list, but keep an eye out for our Thursday rap roundup arriving later this week.

NURI - IRUN [Percussive Dance Music]

Praed Orchestra! - Live In Sharjah [Avant-jazz/Shaabi/Mouled]

DJ Plead - STP [Percussive Dance Music]

Tardast - Marwa [Farsi Grime]

Natik Awayez - Manbarani [Folk]

Dakn - Too Low, Too Far [Ambient/Experimental]

Rojin Sharafi - Zangaar [Experimental/Deconstructed]

Van Boom & Oldyungmayne - 20965 [Post-club/Experimental]

Santi & Tuğçe - A Twice Told Tale [Organic House]

Hania - Transgressive [Techno]