Cairo-based Algerian/Egyptian record label Nashazphone recently announced four upcoming projects set to release over the course of this November. The albums arrive after an almost year long silence from Nashazphone, whose most recent releases were Ramleh’s double downtempo noise LP The Great Unlearning, and Cairo-based experimental producer 1127’s debut full-length album Taqseem Mqamat El Haram 2016-202’ in 2019. 

First up amongst the upcoming albums Ras Sidi Bel Abbes arrives courtesy of Algerian Rai legend Drissi El Abbassi, and covers the period between 1979 and 1989 through a selection of 8 songs from the artists extensive discography. During this time period, El Abbassi’s music (and Rai in general) began undergoing major sonic shifts due to the arrival of new technology such as synthesizers, drum machines, and modern recording techniques.

Next up is We’re Depressed by Paris-based Hendrik Hegray’s Valerie Smith project. Dedicated to Mark Beyer, an American self-taught cartoonist best known for his bleak explorations of degradation and depression, We’re Depressed celebrates Beyer’s work through an intoxicating blend of harsh noise and techno.

Third amongst the releases is  S.1.W / Tracteur Directrice De L'A.S.M.A. By mysterious Paris-based producer Unglee Izi. While not much is known about the project so far, we’re expecting a further exploration of minimalist, electronic ambient and blown-out dub influences that pervaded Unglee Izi’s previous works on Lost Dogs Entertainment. 

Closing off Nashazphone’s packed November release schedule is This Is Cairo Not The Screamers, a collection of 7 of Cairo’s finest experimental and forward thinking producers. Featuring appearances by Abadir, 1127, 3phaz, ZULI, KZLK, Nadah El Shazly, and Youssef Abouzeid, This Is Cairo Not The Screamers is certain to join the ranks of some of this years’ most exciting V/A albums.

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