To keep you up to date with the latest releases from some of MENA's best musical talents, every week we'll be compiling this list of noteworthy musical projects released over the previous week or so. Today’s list features a selection of post-club, instrumental mahraganat, experimental hip hop, indie rock, ambient, and synthwave, courtesy of E-Saggila, Molotof, Kutmah, Netam & Damla Temel, Arabian Panther & Kris Baha, 00970, OH!, 200 Shams, and Lil Asaf & MFKZT

In order to keep things succinct, we’ve omitted mainstream rap releases from this list, but keep an eye out for our Thursday rap roundup arriving later this week.

E-Saggila - Cellygrin [Experimental/Post-Club]

Molotof - Malhomsh Aman (feat. Wael Belal) [Mahraganat/Molowave]

Kutmah - Isolation Tapes 6 [Experimental Hip-Hop]

Netam & Damla Temel - Mavi [Indie]

Arabian Panther - The Penitent (Kris Baha Remix) [Synthwave]

00970 - Manjaniq (feat. FYV) [Ambient/Experimental]

OH! - ‘LOUD NOISE’ EP [Techno]

Lil Asaf & MFKZT - Thabat [Experimental Rap]

*Image Credit: DJ Mag