In collaboration with Los Angeles-based horror-core rap group Clipping, Cairo-based Deconstructed-club powerhouse Zuli has released a new remix of their song ‘Make Them Dead’.

Clipping's grotesquely narrative lyrics and genre-defying approach to sound design have cultivated a reputation for falling short of the desired norm for rap. Zuli’s grandiose noise meanwhile is inarguably a solidified entity of eroded-basslines, over-driven drums and phalanx of belligerent synths. The producer reflects his erratic style in this new remix infiltrated with heavy surges of energy, exuded from the enigmatic D&B chops, harsh bass lines as well as smears of uncanny chopped vox cascading throughout the track.

You can attune your frequency to the left-field end of the sonic spectrum to indulge in this new banger on all major streaming platforms.