In recent times, a fresh cohort of Egyptian rappers has emerged, embracing more intricate and experimental production styles, offering a refreshing sound and delving into a more obscure realm that the Egyptian music scene has lacked. Among the vanguards of this movement are producer Wagdy Yachter and rapper Logical Da9ud, who have collaborated on a new LP that traverses jazz influences and lo-fi instrumentals.

Wagdy Yachter's signature production style weaves a distinct backdrop, allowing Da9ud to deliver his finely crafted bars and complex rhymes amidst chill and mellow vibes over nine tracks. Distributed on SoundCloud and Bandcamp, the duo intentionally opts for independence, diverging from the mainstream approach dominating the scene. The LP opens with ‘Dokana’, featuring TRZY, another adept lyricist. Da9ud and TRZY exchange verses over Yachter's jazz-infused beats, showcasing metaphors and double entendres in intricate rhyme schemes, setting a solid tone for the album.

Wagdy's meticulous selection of sounds, ranging from horn samples to orchestral instrumentation, maintains a cohesive sonic palette throughout the album. He skillfully integrates these elements into slow hip-hop textures and boom bap percussion.

Across its 12-minute duration, the album unfolds like one extended track, driven by Da9ud's captivating storytelling. He offers glimpses into his psyche and surroundings through engaging narratives, punctuated by clear and sardonic bars and culturally resonant references.