Up-and-coming Egyptian rapper, Wiz Radwan, is slowly but surely carving out a spec for himself on the country’s ever evovlding and growing rap scene, as a versatile artist. Since first emerging in 2020, his releases have swung from trap, to hip-hop, to boom bap, his bars moving from reflective and introspective, to full on bravado. His latest release, ‘El7asa ElSabv3a’ (produced by Teko) falls into some kind of lo-fi, boom-bap leaning trap sound that’s rather unique.The track talks about the artist's self awareness and confidence. In a world full of commotion and turbulence, Radwan mainstains that he stays true to himself regardless of what’s around him. The bars are catchy, the metaphors entertaining and the flow smooth. Again, this is a quite different approach from his previous work, as Radwan shows himself to be a dynamic rapper who can easily switch lanes.