Sudanese rapper Tageel unleashes his full potential on his debut album, titled Kitab (Book). This sprawling 2-disc record showcases various facets of his enigmatic personality. Each disc tells a distinct narrative, yet they cohere through Tageel's intricate writing and the album's sonic palette.

Tageel, who burst onto the scene in 2020 with successful singles like "Game Over" and "Logha," has honed his craft on Kitab. He experiments with diverse musical styles, blending them into a cohesive journey. The album delves into his inner struggles and vulnerabilities, while also highlighting his assertive persona and dynamic energy.

Kitab boasts a rich tapestry of sounds, crafted by a diverse group of producers. Tracks like "Da Ana" showcase this variety, featuring a distant melody layered over thick 808 drum kicks. This instrumentation allows Tageel to showcase his sharp lyrics and melodic flows, embedded within intricate rhyme schemes. The Drwes-produced fourth track takes a distinct turn, featuring haunting melodies and mellow, slow flows accented by eastern percussions and tabla samples that elevate the production.

A feature from Palestinian producer Big Murk introduces a smooth transition in the soundscape. Big Murk's subtle and minimal sound selection creates a contrast to the previous tracks. The first disc concludes with Loop, followed by an interlude that sets the tone for the second disc. Here, the album takes a slightly more personal turn as Tageel reflects on his journey and contemplates the events that led him to this point.