In this edition of our Shreet Cocktail playlist, we've put together some of the hottest new tracks from across the MENA region, featuring artists like Saint Levant, Riff and Gharam Electric.

Collaborating on the track 'DEIRA,' Saint Levant and MC Abdul pay homage to their Palestinian heritage. Produced by Moroccan artist Khalil Cheraldi, the instrumentals fuse elements of Rai and traditional Palestinian music. Saint Levant and MC Abdul eloquently convey their deep connection to their homeland, underscoring the resilience and enduring spirit of the Palestinian people amidst adversity. 

‘El Ayam’, a collaboration between Riff and Nourine Abusaeda, sees Riff's signature production style seamlessly blend lo-fi sonic textures with Middle Eastern percussion, providing a chill backdrop for Nourine's soothing vocals. Further down the tracklist, Electro-Dabke pioneer Omar Souleyman introduces the lead single 'Rahat Al Chant Ymme' from his upcoming album. The single showcases intricate electronic compositions layered over pulsating rhythms, complemented by Souleyman's emotive vocals, which explore themes of yearning and introspection.


Malak - TAYEH

Saint Levant - Deira ft. MC Abdul

ZEINA - Problematic Riff with Nourine Abouseada - El Ayam Rita L'Oujdia - TODO MARCELINA - Leila

Gharam Electric - Ya Boy

kiiko - WHERE WILL I GO? Tiny Gun - Content Machine TUL8TE - LAYALINA DINA ELWEDIDI - NAR AL ALAB Sharake - Borders Omar Souleyman - Rahat Al Chant Ymme