Algerian-Palestinian rapper Marwan Abdelhamid, also known as Saint Levant, and MC Abdul, have teamed up for the track 'DEIRA,' which pays tribute to their Palestinian heritage. Produced by Moroccan producer Khalil Cheraldi, the instrumentals feature elements of Rai and traditional Palestinian music.

On the track, Saint Levant and MC Abdul eloquently express their affection for their homeland, highlighting the resilience of the Palestinian people, their love for life, and their unwavering dreams of freedom. The track’s title "Deira'' also refers to a hotel built in Gaza by Abdelhamid’s father, Rashid, where four children were tragically killed by Israeli rockets in 2014, and being completely destroyed by bombings three months ago.

The accompanying video, directed by Mattias Russo-Larsson, and creatively directed by Lewis Atallah offers a glimpse into the everyday life of Palestinians, capturing moments that reflect their memories of early life, as the duo recount the difficult nights endured in Gaza. Saint Levant, born during the Second Intifada, and MC Abdul, who experienced ongoing aggression in the Gaza Strip, share similar experiences of life under oppressive occupation. Together, they convey their shared aspiration for freedom, mourning the loss of their cherished 'Deira,' a sentiment Abdul describes as incomparable despite his travels around the world.