This week's Rap of the Week playlist highlights impressive new hip-hop releases from across the MENA region, including tracks by Palestinian rapper Sakt, Hady Moamer, and rising Egyptian MC Laila Beshara.

Sakt leads things off with his latest track, ‘Fsh Ele Nfs’, released on Lean4rec records. This release follows a series of singles that is steadily propelling him as a up-and-coming voice in the underground rap scene, defined by his unique approach to rage rap and psychedelic rap.

Next up is Laila Beshara, featured on the latest record ‘Yemken’ by Ramez Naguib. Beshara delivers well-written and insightful verses with a smooth flow over a hard-hitting beat crafted by Naguib. Rounding out the playlist is Hady Moamer's collaborative track, ‘Berka’, featuring TUL8TE, R3, and Tayeb Santo. The track showcases a dynamic exchange of verses between the four rappers over a polished boom-bap instrumental produced by Hady himself. This single suggests a possible evolution in sound for the Luxorian artist, potentially exploring more experimental territory.


Sakt - Fsh Ele Nfs SHBASH - MO6REB SHA3BI Hady Moamer - Berka ft. TUL8TE, R3, Tayeb Santo Moe x DizzyTooSkinny - Ya Helwa Blel  Z KO - EUROPE Ramez Naguib x Laila Beshara - Fawda Aly Emad - LowKey (feat. Nubi) Ebaa Monther - Yalla Bena Samara - Souk ELMAHDY - MOZAYFEN Nordo - Snini