This time on SceneNoise’s ‘Rap of The Week’, we bring you picks from some of the region’s leading bar-droppers. We were treated to the return of iconic Palestinian rapper Shabjdeed with ‘Kalbi’, while Saudi Arabian rapper Moayad released his album ‘Batn El Shaer’, where he experiments with using musical ideas that are quintessentially Saudi and embeds them into his contemporary sound.

Back in Egypt, rappers Marwan Moussa, Afroto, and the rest of the Ra2smal roster wrapped up their individual EPs, ending their May release schedule ‘Shahr Mal’ on a high note.

We also have some of the scene’s freshest up and coming artists in this week’s selection, with TUL8E making an impressive splash with his EP ‘Maghool’, while Leila Beshara and Amr Omar come through with the catchy ‘Throw Em High’.


  • Shabjdeed - Kalbi
  • Marwan Moussa - 3ala2 Fifty
  • Samara - Amg 2
  • Laila Beshara & Amr Omar - Throw Em High
  • Mo Stank, Felukah, Kamikazem -  Ba2aly Yomein
  • Moayad - Ameen
  • Tul8te - Anonymous Ft. Lege-cy
  • Afroto - Askot 5ales
  • Feha - Deep Eg Ft. Vli Weezy
  • Assasi - Cowboy Milfada
  • Azwed - Mesket Edaya

Listen to the full playlist here: