The SceneNoise team curates a playlist featuring some of the best rap releases from the past week. This edition of our Rap of the Week highlights the highly anticipated return of Shabjdeed x Al Nather, alongside releases by Abo El Anwar, Xander Ghost, and Logical Da9ud.

At the forefront of the tracklist is Shabjdeed and Al Nather's title track from their sophomore album 'Sultan'. The track sees Al Nather exploring DnB influences with fast-paced drum patterns, providing a platform for Shabjdeed to showcase his lyrical prowess with accelerated flows. Shabjdeed delves into a deeper aspect of his enigmatic persona through his writing, delivering multiple one-liners with a nonchalant attitude.

Additionally, Egyptian rapper Abo El Anwar, who has been prolific with recent releases, offers introspective reflections on his personal life in the single 'Mashakel Kteera', produced by Mo3geza.

Further down the playlist, Logical Da9ud collaborates with Wagdy Yachter on an experimental, jazz-influenced LP. Their collaboration with fellow lyricist TRZY on the track 'Dokana' demonstrates their lyrical ability as they trade verses over Yachter's lo-fi jazz beat.


Shabjdeed & Al Nather - Sultan Ma-Beyn, Sabine Salam, SHTLF - ARD BEGAD - #2 WELAD EL7ARA Abo El Anwar - Mashakel Kteera KHALED ROSSIA - TITO Eshrab Mayah - Seif Mrdeny x Mahib Sleat Wagdy Yachter x Logical Da9ud - Dokkana ft. TRZY


Mared - Wahda W Nos Ft. Bigmoe


Uglymoss - 3al hady


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