Palestinian vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Ahmed Eid is releasing his debut solo EP, titled ‘Aghani Akhira’ (‘Last Songs’).

Having been forced to move across borders his entire life, Eid’s EP revisits his journey from Ramallah to his exile in Syria, before relocating to Cyprus, Tunisia and his current home in Berlin, Germany.

A blend of contemporary electronic music with Eastern influences, ‘Aghani Akhira’ is made up of seven tracks that showcase Ahmed's artistic growth and diversity as a songwriter. His experience working with the band Bakhara undoubtedly shaped his style, and now - as he embarks on his solo journey - Ahmed seeks to channel his true self through his poetic lyrics.

Ahmed Eid also announced a European tour for the album, starting on April 19th in Catalonia and ending on May 19th in Berlin, with stops in cities like Paris and Geneva.