Omani-American Emaan is a songwriter known for her sultry vocals, incredible songwriting, and for being one of the only Omani women to publicly pursue music as a career. For over 6 years, Emaan has continued to push social and cultural boundaries using her music and platform - her lifelong goal has been to provide opportunities that allow creative expression amongst Middle Eastern talents specifically.
Going through her catalogue and music videos, Emaan’s willingness to go against the grain and push boundaries is evident. Now, the artist has taken her visionary mind a step further by buying into the cryptocurrency game – by creating her very own.
Emaan and her team at Wealth Care Records have joined forces with - a platform for creators and their communities to build their own independent digital economies by allowing creators, artists, celebrities, communities, and brands to launch their own social tokens and NFTs. Together they have developed the $EMNA coin, pronounced ee-mahn-ah coin.

This is a creator coin that will allow its holders access to exclusive benefits such as, but not limited to, access to exclusive digital and in-person events, sneak peeks of her unreleased music and videos, will unlock hidden discord channels, and offer monthly surprises.

“Creator coins” are slowly revolutionizing the way independent creators develop their crafts and audiences, allowing them to personally create an honest community of like-minded individuals. Bringing a concept like this to the Middle East can be extremely beneficial for the uprising community of independent creators, providing them with unlimited opportunities to create on a global scale, receive recognition, and gain the representation that they deserve.

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