When it comes to the new wave of sha3bi fusions and mahraganat music, it would be a crime not to include prolific rapper/producer, Wezza Montasser, in the equation. Finding a way to fuse Egyptian-favorite sounds with modern production techniques and professional mixing and mastering quality, Wezza is a pioneer when it comes to the aforementioned skills, besides being a great songwriter and an energetic performer with a commanding stage presence.

An underdog within the rap scene, Wezza maintains a certain consistency with his sound; achieving the challenging task of uniformity without redundancy. In his latest single ‘El Hemesh’, Wezza preaches independence and self-sufficiency, urging his listeners to not trust someone easily, keeping tabs on our surroundings and who we keep close. Musically, Wezza opts for a minimally melodic instrumental, with high energy and focus on the Eastern percussions, his classic signature.

Listen to Wezza’s ‘El Hemesh’ below.