Amid the whispers of anticipation surrounding Manal's forthcoming album ‘Arabian Heartbreak,’ a second story emerges - a song that dissects female autonomy. 

‘BABA’ isn't just a song; it's an intimate memoir, a stirring homage to her late father that transcends melody and verse. In its lyrical embrace, Manal, alongside Tunisian Italian rapper Ghali, paints an intricate portrayal of a woman - illuminating her enduring presence even in absence.

Through verses pulsating with determination, Manal unfolds the narrative of resilience - a woman navigating life's tumults, anchored by faith, destiny, and an unwavering resolve. The song's essence extends beyond its poignant lyricism; its hypnotic rhythm invites listeners into its compelling narrative.

The visual composition of the ‘BABA’ music video is a testament, a mosaic blending Moroccan cultural motifs with tradition and modernity. Listening to ‘BABA’ is an immersion - a sonic voyage entwined with memories, emotions, and fervent passions.

This isn't Manal Benchlikha's inaugural triumph. Three moons prior, her single ‘Morak’ garnered over one million Spotify streams, heralding a new era for the soulful singer.