Departing from his traditional confines of 'Maghreb Rap', ‘TAY9’ sees Moroccan rap sensation Snor branching out from his usual smoky trap-inspired sound, delving instead into R&B sonics with a subtle traditional hue.

The track was produced by Keight, and released as part of Spotify's ‘Spotify Singles’ project, along with ‘L7ARB’ by Shobee ft. Fetah and ‘Unplugged’ by Madd and VALEN. The project brings artists around the globe to produce both new releases and live renditions alike, and has recently made its way into the MENA region by way of the Moroccan rap scene.

In ‘TAY9’, Snor delivers the unexpected, as the masked rapper, typically known for his hard-hitting instrumental choices and rapid-fire delivery (as in his hit single 'HKAYA’), looks to smoother musical choices, featuring traditional drum sounds, and experimental distorted vocals that take over the second leg of the song, adding an element of instability and chaos to the otherwise soothing instrumental.

With this entry, along with the handful of tracks produced for Spotify Singles, it seems as though the Moroccan rap scene is entering a new phase of collaborations and sonic refreshment.