In recent years, Sudanese rapper Montiyago has become a prominent figure in the country's burgeoning rap scene. Known for his skilled lyricism and ability to craft catchy hooks, he has consistently balanced innovation with respect for the genre's core elements.

Montiyago's latest project, the collaborative EP 'Decor' with Egyptian producer 77, unveils a new layer to his artistry. Effortlessly flowing over DnB-inspired percussion and mellow trap beats, 'Decor' offers a cohesive listening experience despite its brevity. Producer 77 crafts a unified four-minute arrangement that seamlessly transitions from the energetic 'Bella Hadid' to the more relaxed 'Al Pacino.'

Montiyago's versatility is evident from the outset. 'Bella Hadid' opens with somewhat of spoken-word bars before transitioning into a faster flow as the drums kick in. Montiyago navigates between introspective verses and braggadocio, his honest lyrics taking centre stage. Flute samples and synth inserts complement the track, adding texture and reinforcing his flow.

The transition into 'Al Pacino' is smooth, with Montiyago rapping over a haunting violin sample interwoven with Tony Montana's iconic monologue from the cult classic 'Scarface.' The vibe takes a mellower turn, with the drums receding slightly and the instrumentation becoming more relaxed. Montiyago adapts his delivery accordingly, slowing down and adopting a more melodic flow. 'Decor' solidifies Montiyago's growing influence within the scene, and highlights his willingness to experiment and explore conceptual releases.