Cover Image by Abdelrahman El-Attar

Dubai-based Egyptian rising artist Martina releases a new dreamy emotive single ‘I am NOT Talking About Love’.

Featuring multi-layers of instrumental music and wispy warble vocals undertones, Martina’s soul-stirring track stands as a stark contrast to a typical love song, ‘The mainstream is filled with love songs now, and honestly we are getting bored’ Martina tells SceneNoise, ‘so, I decided to create a relatable song that has nothing to do with love’

In ‘I am NOT Talking About Love’, the artist chose to tap into the profundity of existing with intrusive dark thoughts, through a fusion of unconventional textured sounds and autotuned spacey vocals. Mixed and mastered by Italian artist, Marco Caricola, the track starts off with a reverie of enticing poetic symphony that swiftly transitions into a resonating percussion.

‘I wrote the lyrics and produced the chord progression for the track, and then I sent it to Barakat [..] he worked on mixing my vocals, then we added an absurd guitar line along with a trumpet, which took the song to a whole new level’ Martina tells SceneNoise.

The track reaches its climax as Martina sings ‘why can’t you leave my mind’ against the backdrop of a sweltering guitar tune that perfectly captures the chaotic nature of one’s intrusive thoughts. The outro features a melancholic trumpet line by local artist Barakat, adding a psychedelic jazz dimension to the song.

Complementing the track is an artwork by Cairo-based artist Hyperrealitytv, aka Hesham Taha, featuring a surrealistic interpretation of a sunset view with vivid colours.