Lebanese independent record label Mafi Budget releases the cypher track from season 3 of their annual freestyle competition, "Fi Shway Budget." The track features the winner, Nuj, alongside some of the best rappers from the Lebanese scene, including Beatliapolis, Bin Arafah, and Bilel. With guest vocals and production by Mafi Budget founder Blu Fiefer.

The collaborative effort on the track showcases the skills of the Lebanese rappers, with each artist delivering verses over the hard-hitting beat provided by Blu Fifer. Lyricism explores themes of social injustice, personal struggles, and resistance.

Founded in Lebanon, Mafi Budget focuses on promoting Arabic culture and fostering collaboration within the regional creative scene. Since its establishment, the label has produced and released projects featuring artist collaborations. Mafi Budget's commitment to the artistic community is further exemplified by their annual "Fi Shway Budget" freestyle competition, serving as a platform for emerging artists within the MENA region.