Egyptian rising songstress and songwriter Lella Fadda goes full-on Lana Del Rey dreamy in her latest single ‘El Donia Beta3ti’ a collaboration with the eclectic producer El Waili. The single is the first release off Fadda’s forthcoming EP, and she’s debuting with a bang.

With Fadda’s serene vocals and El Waili’s daring electronic music, ‘El Donia Beta3ti’ presents both artists in a refreshing light. The song’s lyrics take an angsty yet nonchalant narrative, in which Fadda rebels, however vulnerably, against love and labels. She does it all staring right into the camera in a sensual music video directed by Fatema Yasser.

The young singer’s highly anticipated EP comes after her latest hit, ‘Ghareeba’ produced by Elian, and of course her collaboration with Egyptian rap icon Abyusif ‘Malaksh Da3wa’.