Despite her seemingly sunny disposition, Egyptian songstress, Lella Fadda, continues to show that there are many hidden depths to her musicality and art. Her latest release, the video for ‘Betshoufni Ezay’ is a fitting example that showcases a darkness and melancholy that gives us another peek into her upcoming debut EP.

With her trusted collaborator, Ahmed Elian, producing the sound, the duo finds harmony between beat and lyrics, with the latter using dark scales and tones to match Lella’s lyrical style.Kicking off with a simple acoustic guitar riff and a muffled reverberated piano creating a vibe of mystery, the beat adds sound effects for extra spice alongside Lella’s singing. Midway, things get a little quiet before exploding into a dark scene, courtesy of a gritty bass and a shimmering lead.

The video, directed by Kafrawy, with Nadia as executive producer and in collaboration with Ismailia and Dakhli west El Balad, offers a fitting visual and Fadda very much remains the star - the camera just seems to love her, with this video and track speaking volumes about a young artist still shaping her sound.