Discotchari is an LA-based collective that highlights the stories and sounds of Armenian music. Operating as a sub label of LA-based electronic imprint, Critique, Discotchari unearths rare grooves, often buried and lost under years of displacements and diasporas.

In an effort to preserve and promote overlooked musical heritages, the collective - started by producer and A&R scout Zachary Asdourian, and Anaïs Gyulbudaghyan, renowned electronic DJ and savvy PR specialist - digitises their treasures by building omni channels across YouTube, Soundcloud and Instagram. They host radio shows with Dublab and NTS to encourage consumption and discourse surrounding their vintage tracks, exposing their audience to international music and simultaneously increase the demand and interest of retro sounds.

Recently, Discotchari has uncovered an entire vinyl deadstock from the 1970s in their original factory boxes. Their plan is to repackage, digitise and distribute the music as their official first release on November 3rd (which will be available on all platforms). The artists behind the deastock include singer/oud player duo John Bilezikjian and Raja Zahr, whose collaboration in the 1970s produced a psychedelic rock EP named ‘Something Different’.