Rising Lebanese-Italian talent Ilaria unveils her new single and music video, ‘Let You On’, from her upcoming full-length album, ‘Rose of the Winds’.

The dreamy, psychedelic instrumentation, crafted by the Cameroonian-Swiss producer SalamCarther, creates a haunting atmosphere that elevates Ilaria's vocals. Her vocals reside in a unique space, somewhere between singing and spoken word. In the track, Ilaria explores themes of self-worth through various perspectives. The music progresses organically, mirroring Ilaria's evolving sentiments and carefree lyrics. SalamCarther adds a refreshing touch to the overall soundscape by incorporating oriental percussions midway through the track.

Filmed in Cairo by the team at NOORstudios, the video for ‘Let You On’ embraces a minimalist aesthetic. Instead of elaborate sets or dramatic narratives, the focus is on Ilaria herself. The video features a series of evocative shots of her throughout the city. These shots capture her interacting with different locations, lost in thought while exploring, or simply bathed in the natural light of the city; a visual approach that complements the introspective nature of the song without distracting from the music.