Hady Moamer assembles an unconventional crew of rappers for his latest track, ‘Berka’, featuring the enigmatic TUL8TE, R3, and Algerian rising star Tayeb Santo. The Grammy-nominated producer-rapper, also known as Jean Bleu, has teased a complete sonic shift on his upcoming project, ‘Ma3koos’, through his Instagram. This track serves as a potent preview of what to expect from the Luxorian artist.

Clocking in at four minutes, ‘Berka’ is a showcase of talent, with each rapper bringing their style and flow to the meticulously crafted instrumental by Hady himself and fellow producer Lester. Hady sets the stage with a distorted, pitched-down sample referencing his hometown before launching into his laid-back flow, seamlessly trading bars with TUL8TE, who comes in with a concise verse delivered in his signature voice and witty lyricism.

While the beat could have benefited from a more dynamic structure to match the energy shift in the second half, the four rappers effortlessly navigate its nuances. R3 delivers the standout verse, showcasing his masterful wordplay and solidifying himself as the lyrical highlight of the track.

Hady Moamer is undoubtedly a rapper to watch in the Egyptian hip-hop scene. Since his debut album, 'Darbet Bar2,' the producer-turned-rapper has adopted a unique approach to the genre, refining his songwriting and lyricism with the subsequent project ‘Zekryat Mosta2bal’. Hady seems to be on a continuous mission to carve a distinct space for himself within a scene that has witnessed a lack of clarity in recent years.