After making his rap debut with his EP ‘DARBT BAR2’ in December of last year, Grammy-nominated producer Hady Moamer reaffirms his breakthrough into the rap scene with his latest music video for 'T3RF TGRY’.

With drippy outfits, smoke-filled atmospheres, and restricted locations, Moamer takes the spotlight in this video, letting his character shine through along to the bouncy rap track.

'T3RF TGRY' comes in with a dance-pop-inspired beat, with a four-on-the-floor kick pattern and energetic percussions, which give the track a 2000’s feel.

The instrumental uses hard-hitting drums with a looping melody and infectious rhythm, over which Moamer embraces a playful persona for his vocal flows and delivery.

Watch the full video for 'T3RF TGRY’ here: