Amplify Palestine, a newly established music label founded by Adalah NY, seeks to promote and amplify voices from artists who support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian people.

Their BDS Mixtape, newly released on November 3rd, is inspired by the 1985 Sun City album, produced by artists boycotting South African apartheid. The project brings together a diverse team of musicians, cultural workers, educators and organisers who endorse the call from Palestine to employ BDS as a collective pressure tool until Palestinians achieve freedom.

The mixtape is released in two volumes, with ‘BDS Mixtape Volume 1’ curated by Gavilán Rayna Russom and Sanna Almajedi, and mastered by Russell E. L. Butler. ‘People of Eternity: BDS Mixtape Volume 1’ showcases a brilliant compilation of tracks. The album's liner notes are provided by Kaye Cain-Nielsen, and the captivating album art is crafted by Selwa Abd, also known as Bergsonist. This volume is a heartfelt dedication to the talented musician jaimie branch, celebrating her unique contributions to the music world. ‘Rise Up: BDS Mixtape Volume 2’, meanwhile, is a co-production by db, Nick Cooper, Shalva Wise, and Sonny Singh, with album art by Elias Rischmawi.

The mixtape is available to listen and buy on Bandcamp, iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify, with proceeds from streaming to be directed towards supporting cultural initiatives in Palestine and promoting music education and creation in Gaza.