Palestinian rapper Abdulrahman Al-Shantii, a 15-year-old prodigy known as MC Abdul, has skyrocketed to viral success by pouring his soul into his craft, painting vivid portraits of life in Gaza through his striking lyrics.

Released on November 4th over his Instagram account, MC Abdul's latest freestyle delves into the depths of his experiences, encapsulating the trials faced by Palestinians living under occupation. The freestyle's chorus, "It's me against the world," embodies the defiant spirit that drives MC Abdul's music. He exposes the influence of the media in perpetuating people’s miscomprehension of the conflict, dispelling rumours and shedding light on the harsh realities endured by his people.

The freestyle's verses weave memories of his grandparents seeking refuge within the borders of Gaza, forever bound to this land. As the freestyle reaches its crescendo, the raw recording of MC Abdul's young brother, Mustafa, adds an unfiltered and authentic layer of emotion, exposing the depth of his longing and pain.

Having lived and grown up in Gaza, MC Abdul is currently living in Los Angeles to work on his music.