Every generation of musicians gets its turn in the limelight, and the Egyptian rap scene has had its fair share of different artist waves. The founding figures of Egyptian rap were the generation of 1998, and especially Y-Crew led by Omar Boflot. Since then more artists appeared like Egy Rap School from Alexandria in 2005, Y-Family, MC Amin, and Al Haytham from Mansoura. 

From Cairo there were artists like Arabian Knights, Mr. Kordy, Rommel B and Asfalt crew which helped develop the rap scene in more in than one aspect; like mentor the next wave of rappers, producers, and even videographers. All of this led to the today's generation of disruptors, or those who caused a rabka in the music scene as the saying goes in Egypt, those who create a sound that cultivated an audience in the rest of the country.

In every episode of our Rabka documentary, we unveil a current figure of the Egyptian rap scene, the way they invented their sound and what is stands for.  We do this however in a way that doesn’t overlook the first waves of artists and the roles they had in all of this.

In our first episode we tell the story of Alexandrian rapper Marwan Pablo, who managed to influence the growth of trap music in Egypt and clearly left his mark on a lot of rappers and producers’ work. 

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