Everyone in our scene has heard of Nacelle’s superstar DJ, Hisham Zahran. He’s one of the most internationally acclaimed Egyptian DJs, regularly touring from Sisyphos and Kater Blau in Berlin to the Lab in NYC to many more parties all around the world. But less people have heard of his little brother Adham Zahran, who is mainly a producer and live set performer. He produces and DJs an organic form of house music, inspired by classic house and jazz, among other genres. He likes to incorporate warm jazzy chords, ethereal pads and loose house beats.

Adham has been regularly releasing EPs and albums digitally and on vinyl since 2010. Neovinyl, Tapestry, Galaktika Records, Stripped Digital are all among the vast list of labels which he’s released on. One might ask himself why he hasn’t gotten the widespread recognition he deserves after all these substantial releases, though his productions have gained support from the likes of Alex Kid, James Teej, Laurent Garnier and Richie Hawtin, among many others. 
The young producer uses analog synthesizers and vintage drum machines. He samples records, and then mixes and arranges all of these medium on Ableton. His sound emanates nostalgia, making you feel that you long for a time that you don’t really remember, or weren’t even a part of. When a producer is able to constantly evoke these feelings, you start to ask yourself what goes on inside his brain, or rather which era he actually comes from. 
In the house music industry, there is a controversial notion that in order to become a recognized DJ or play regularly, you must be a good producer and promote yourself through your releases. While releasing a lot of records can definitely get you more gigs and gain you more recognition, the previous one is a false notion. These two brothers are the perfect example of this; Hisham is a stellar DJ with a full event calendar and very little music production experience (the only releases he has under his name were collaborations mainly with his brother).
Adham on the other hand, is a great producer who releases regularly but doesn’t gig as much (even though he plays great live sets and is also a good DJ). Through his talent and determination, we can only infer that big things are on the horizon for Adham Zahran.
We decided to sit down with this producer virtuoso, and find out more about his career, his inspirations, and how he produces all of these constant solid releases.

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