Egyptian rapper Ziad Zaza’s distinctive raspy voice and explorative tendencies have set him apart as one of the rap scene’s most versatile artists. From hard hitting drill to Spanish guitar-infused trap, Zaza has proven time and again that his curiosity knows no limits.

In Red Bulls’s ‘Sada Sot’, Zaza goes back to his hometown of Fayoum to work with local musicians on a track that encapsulates the spirit of the city while making use of traditional instruments. In ‘Sada Sot Talks’, we caught up with the artist to dive deeper into the experience.

Here, Zaza tells us about how he spends too much money thrifting clothes from Wekala, how Playboi Carti ended up being his most streamed artist of the year, how he imagines Mohamed Ramadan playing his role in a film, and how his mother has always showed him unconditional support throughout his life.

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