As an influential figure in Egypt’s rap scene, Abyusif’s music has had a significant impact on the genre’s widespread popularity in recent years. The rapper has been active in the industry long before it had reached the mainstream. With over 12 years releasing rap hits and hidden gems alike, Abyusif’s career has seen him go through multiple reinventions of his sound, all while maintaining a spot as one of the region’s best rappers.

In this XP Conversation, Abyusif opens up about how he feels he has plateaued after over a decade of creating music, and that his excitement has been dying down in the last few years. The rapper goes on to explain that he hates working in isolation, stating that “no one can succeed in music on their own,” but that with his new entourage and management, he is ready to undergo a new phase of his career, fueled by collaborating with creatives and industry professionals around the region.

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