Laith Hasan, aka The Synaptik, is a Palestinian-Jordanian rapper and musician who is considered one of the game-changing voices in Arabic hip-hop. He is widely known for his melodic and smooth flow and his ability to switch seamlessly between different styles and cadences, paired with his complex wordplay and clever metaphors. Alongside a long list of singles, Synaptik has released four solo albums to date including his debut ‘Om Al Mawjat’ in 2018  and ‘Al Qamar Wal Moheet’ his most recent.

Synaptik's music often addresses issues related to Palestinian identity, social justice, and political conflict in the region. He has collaborated with a number of other Arab artists from Palestinian rapper Tamer Nafar to Lebanese singer Maysa Daw and several Egyptian rappers, including Abyusif, Wegz, Marwan Moussa and more.

In this sit-down, Synaptik shares with us his thoughts on the importances of Arab artists having a space to come together and connect. He also opens up about how he finds empowerment in the collective growth of the regional music scene at large.