Some fans catch their favourite artists live, but the luckiest ones witness those epic, unplanned moments that turn into legendary tales. While these spontaneous events are rarely caught on camera, a fortunate few become cultural gold among concert-goers. Dive into these wild and unpredictable concert moments - from meme gold to emotional rollercoasters and controversy magnets…

Shabjdeed sparks controversy by repeatedly chanting “Marawaaaaan” using the melody of ‘Mawlay’ on stage during a concert with Marwan Pablo.

2021, Al Manara Arena, Cairo

Cairo City G’s Kordy, being Kordy, pulled up at a El-Sawy Culture Wheel performance with a loaded gun on stage for the flex.

(Kordy discusses the incident in the SceneNoise documentary ‘Mr Kordy Sand Nikka and the Cairo City Gangsters’)

Abyusif breaks down on stage.

Music Planet Festival 

2022, Al Manara Arena, Cairo

3enba takes off his shirt and crowd dives.

2020, Unknown Concert

A fan pulls Mohammed Mounir down on stage mid-performance, but the band, unfazed, plays  on as if nothing happened.

2010, Fourth Pyramid Concert, Cairo

Mohamed Ramadan starts throwing money into the crowd after arriving on stage on a Rolls Royce.

2021, Boulevard Theatre, Riyadh

Nooriyah goes viral bringing her Oud playing dad on stage.

2022, Boiler Room (Middle Of Nowhere), London

Rachid Taha electrifies Autostrad's Redbull Soundclash set with his timeless ‘Ya Rayah’, leaving an unforgettable encore the night before his final curtain call, passing away the next day.

2018, Red Bull Soundclash, Amman

Hamed Sinno goes off on a Lebanese music critic who describes the band’s work as “shallow” during their iconic live performance of ‘Latlit’ at the Baalbeck International Festival.

2012, Roman Acropolis, Baalbeck