In January 2024, DJ and producer Hassan Abou Alam released his ‘Shlafata’ EP, a post-club album that explored Egypt's underground sounds. It was a chaotic mix of bangers featuring remixes from some of the clubbing scene's most notable names, including ZULI, 3Phaz, and TRAKA.

Hassan Abou Alam continues his foray into the eclectic post-club realm with another release ‘Mish Mafhoom’ EP, just six months after 'Shalfata'. This time, he incorporates even more of the Egyptian underground sound, featuring Ziad Zaza on two tracks. The EP opens with the dynamic, bass-heavy track '3asaby.' Hassan reworks Ziad Zaza and Ismail Nosrtat's hit 'Basha,' completely transforming the original drill track into a futuristic, bouncing dance floor anthem. Other tracks explore a range of styles, showcasing Hassan's versatility within the futuristic-club genre.

This album presents a multifaceted listening experience through its diverse soundscape. The instrumentation ranges from traditional elements like hand claps and punchy basslines to more contemporary sounds including distorted synths and unique vocalizations. This creates a dynamic contrast, further emphasized by the interplay of deep basslines, intricate percussion details, and powerful kicks. The rhythmic foundation is complex, utilizing both ritualistic beats and varied percussion. Melancholic synths add a layer of depth, fostering a blend of serious and fun tones throughout the album.