Cover photo by: Mattias Russo-Larsson

SceneNoise presents Saudi Noise-Makers, our new series in collaboration with XP Music Futures where we talk to the artists, music professionals, CEOs and community leaders who have been at the forefront of the transformation of Saudi Arabia’s music industry, to better understand the realities and hear the stories of those who have found success pursuing music in the kingdom.

Over the past few years, Saudi’s music scene has evolved from a collection of underground artists and communities experimenting within the confines of their homes, into a developed industry that has become a multifaceted hub for music in the region. Through hosting events of unprecedented scope and creating a boom in the output of music coming out of the kingdom, Saudi Arabia’s music industry has been growing exponentially with no end in sight.

In this episode, we speak with Saudi popstar Mishaal Tamer, who tells us how he grew more confident in appearing on camera after things started opening up in the kingdom. Since then, Tamer has become one of the most successful artists in the region, amassing hundreds of millions of streams and touring around the world with Grammy-nominated pop-rock band OneRepublic. 

Watch the full interview here: