Nestled in Heliopolis, a nook of creativity and artistry stands tall, a home studio nurturing distinguished Egyptian producer and DJ, Misty. Minimalist in style, the studio flaunts the new technologies of high-end production equipment, which funnily enough, are juxtaposed to the analog hardware and retro vinyl collection Misty harbours, serving as a distinctive backdrop for our interview together.

A long-standing producer and DJ in the scene, Misty’s early beginnings were characterised by first encounters with DJ softwares and decks, culminating in a fascination with electronic dance music and drawing from the Italo-disco legacy. 

Securing top 10 chart positions on various platforms such as Traxsource, Trackitdown and DMC buzz charts, Misty has also shared the stage with multiple industry giants like Adriatique, Maceo Plex and more, propelling his sounds globally. His collaboration with producer Alan Dixon and being represented by his label Love Attack Records has given birth to a number of club-ready tracks. His most recent release is a house remix of Amr Diab’s ‘Wala Ala Balo’, a tribute to the hit that has defined the musical landscape of the Middle East. 

In an exclusive interview with SceneNoise, Misty welcomes us in his creative den, sharing insights on the regional electronic music scene, which he’s grown very familiar with throughout the years. Inviting us to peek into his record collection, Misty explains where he draws musical inspiration from and goes as far as to show his production process - an intimate musical voyage into the mind of the beloved Egyptian producer.