Over the past couple of years we’ve seen Nigerian Afro-Fusion singer BNXN (formerly known as BUJU) get catapulted into international stardom, with global hits such as ‘Gwagwalada’ which has garnered over 13.9 million listens on Spotify.

Coming off a European tour promoting his latest EP ‘Bad Since 97’, BNXN had already made waves prior by releasing the EP through the first online listening party by an African artist in the Metaverse, bringing global members of the BNXN community together in an immersive experience and daring other artists to elevate their craft.

“Music is really big in Nigeria, it’s one of our biggest exports” BNXN tells SceneNoise. “There’s been a widespread use of our music, and I only feel like it’s high time for our government to focus on what we’re doing and, you know, support it.”

The singer expressed that he didn’t necessarily know how far he had come as an artist until he was playing a show in London and was able to sell out the venue, with people coming out from different countries and backgrounds just to watch him.

“If you enjoy doing something, you should just keep doing it to the best of your ability,” he says. “And when it gets to the right ears, they’ll accept it.”