Through her unapologetic attitude and straightforward songwriting style, Egyptian rapper Laila Beshara has been drawing the attention of hip-hop fans around the region.

On her debut EP ‘Things You Don’t Tell Yourself’, the artist oscillates between memorable melodic hooks and commanding rap flows, as she embraces the duality of her aggression and vulnerability.

Paired with Egyptian producer Amr Omar’s dark instrumental style, the EP maintains a distinctive sound as it seamlessly transitions from trap and old-school hip-hop beats to lushious orchestral sections, with Beshara’s dynamic vocals shining overtop.

We sat down with the duo in their home studio to talk about their workflow, how they keep an open ear to unconventional genres, and the messages behind their EP, which takes listeners through Beshara’s internal monologue and introspective thought process.

Watch the full interview here: