Funkmaster in chief Marwan ElSwaisy better known as Sewwes isn’t a new or emerging name by any means. The now Cairo-based Alexandrian DJ has been around the scene for well over a decade, and somehow the quality of his sets has managed to constantly climb. 

Earlier this month Sewwes was given his own night at The Tap East, the venue where he’s held down a successful residency for the most recent part of his career. Needless to say the night was named Function of Funk after his own brand and podcast. 

On the opening night with his immeasurable knowledge of funk, disco and everything in between, Marwan delivered a three-hour masterclass in eclecticism, transitioning and proper mood setting. Not only focusing on the aforementioned genres, Sewwes added touches of afro, latin and a huge variety of other types of world music, making for a delightfully dynamic and energizing listen. 

What’s different this time around is that Marwan really took his time with most of the tracks. Knowing that he had plenty of time to set the mood and establish his hold over the crowd, he cut and mixed with less urgency than he usually does, letting sounds stretch out and textures mature. His choice of music is a treat. The set featured his reliable artists of choice like Gemini, Hot Mood, Max Graef and Yse Saint Laur’ant, but also featuring cuts from some house music A-listers like Tim Deluxe, Jimpster, Moodymann and Folamour. 

This set acts as nothing short of a testament to the kind of artist Sewwes is, an often overlooked master of his own craft in a time where hype and marketing precede true talent. If this three hour mix doesn’t prompt you to catch him live as soon as you can, we don’t know what will. 

Head to Sewwes’ Facebook for updates and follow him on Soundcloud for more sets.