25-year-old Cairo-based DJ, Khaled Youssry, first became entranced by the world of music during his school years, hopping between instruments like the keyboard and electric guitar before finally making his way into the world into electronic music. In contrast to most modern DJs, Youssry took the reverse approach to learning the tools of the trade, first starting on turntables before heading to digital mixing and CDJs, which certainly aided in his approach to record digging. Soon, Youssry hopes to dive into the world of production, and contribute to the growing canon of homegrown electronic music that’s been slowly brewing in Cairo over the past couple years. 

In the meantime, feast your ears on an hour of groovy house and scattered breakbeats from the likes of labels such Huerta and Cairo’s own Sakanat, as well as from artists like Gene on Earth and Stussko. 

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