In July of 2018, Palestinian pop artist, Bashar Murad, was riding high off the release of his surprise hit ‘Shillet Hamal’, which showcased his upbeat personality, flamboyant fashion sense, and keen ear towards chart-focused choruses. Since then, however, he has since maintained a fairly low profile. That is, until the release of his latest single 'Maskhara', which was quietly released at the end of 2020, and has steadily racked up nearly 16,000 views at the time publishing.. 

The expansive music video seamlessly blends activist themes with an infectious main chorus that demands repeated radio play and is sure to continue it’s climb up the proverbial charts. Murad’s presence is undeniably front and center alongside his witty penmanship, and what’s more impressive is the fact that directed and produced the pristine music video himself. With Bashar Murad’s return, expect the face of pop music in the Middle East to change very soon.

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