Farah Albi, aka Shamsa, lives and breathes Middle Eastern sonic culture. Currently residing in Berlin where she;s working full-time on her music career, she was a fervent activist of Amman's local scene, widely recognised as the city's first female DJ, before focusing her attention on a series of underground events to elevate the scene and spur on the electronic and dance music zeitgeist. 

For our 118th Select, Shamsa has put together a whirlwind of a set. It’s a veritable journey that dances across a myriad of soundscapes from house and techno, to breaks and garage, all galvanised by an Arab touch and tracks from a whole host of regional talents across era that have inspired her own tastes, including Ghalia Benali, Tarek Khuluki, Molotof, Hadi Zeidan, Ammar 808, Moving Still, Leila Samir, as well as her own productions. Check out the full set:

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