This week’s select was submitted by none other than Dubai-based Egyptian music wizard Shadi Megallaa. His passion led him to planting the musical seeds in the futuristic city, pioneering its musical direction, and becoming a resident at The Analog Room.

Megallaa owns The Flip Side, Dubai’s first and only record store that’s filled with a huge assortment of records where he aims to educate and bring together newbies and true lovers of the craft alike. He also runs Ark To Ashes, a record label that provides artists with the opportunity to express their tastes and musical ideas.

Musically, Megallaa’s sound took years of work to become the force it is today. His sets aren’t confined to a specific genre, sailing from ambient, to jazz, dub, to house and drum and bass -- which comes as no surprise for a man who is constantly surrounded by all kinds of music.

In this laid-back set, expect some electro tunes with a hint of drum and bass from the likes of Reedale Rise, D.I.E, Versalife, Anthony Rother, Electroids and LTJ Bukem.

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