We can’t say that we’ve had a full-on techno set as a part of our Select series before, but as we continue to broaden the scope of sounds that we present to our listeners, featuring techno was inevitable. This notion comes from witnessing big promoters embrace the genre and small warehouse gatherings pop up everywhere in the region and sustain a presence over the last couple of years.

So for our 28th Select we have a special guest mix from Karam Toubba music manager and resident DJ of Decibel DXB, arguably the region’s most top-tier techno promoters. Today, the Turkish Dubai-based artist lies at the very heart of MENA’s infant techno movement, serving as both one of its most renowned local purveyors through his sets and as a driving force in its continuing expansion through his work with Decibel. 
Toubba handed us a Gashouder-worthy set, showing us that he continues to set the regional benchmark in terms of what a textbook techno set should sound, flow and deliver like. Moving within a narrow range of BPM and using tracks with very minimal breaks. Karam utilizes entire tracks to construct his own lows and peaks within the set and using brilliant underground cuts in the process, from artists like Aleksi Perälä, Ola Oscura and Phorm. 

This voyage Toubba creates for this Select set will pacify the rowdiest of techno hooligans and turn the most benign of party-goers into devout ravers. Think of this one-hour mix as an introductory course into the genre, and perhaps a well written paper on its regional presence with the conclusion that it’s here to stay. 

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