We’re not sure the last time we've had a Select set that featured an entire mawwal or a whole host of different Arabic and Turkish songs, let alone blended them with deep house. But that is indeed the modus operandi of French-Lebanese composer Hadi Zeidan, who engages the topic of multiculturalism with his blend of Middle Eastern and electronic music. Zeidan is an acclaimed producer, who has gained an international following and performed for film and theater. His talent doesn't break at music, however, as Zeidan is the co-founder of Beirut Electro Parade, a multidisciplinary platform that promotes independent Arabic music, partially through festivals. 
First teasing some intermittent loops of a darbuka, it somehow progresses into a full-blown solo fit for the most savvy of cabaret beatsmiths. By the time you realize you’re nowhere near deep house, but rather traveling through a dystopic casbah K-hole, it's too late. Enjoy this set by Hadi Zeidan.
Chateau Flight - Before I Started to Dance
Francis Harris - Lostfound
Omar Souleyman - Mawal (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
The Maghreban - MT702
Yasar Akpençe - Last Harem
Red Axes - Der Sexa
Zombie Zombie - Slow Futur
Hadi Zeidan - Taksim Analog 01 (Unreleased Track)
Ugur Soygur - The Secret Buddah
Tutu Atrash - Medjool

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