In Morocco, there is something in the air, a sort of intoxicating essence that makes you feel you are tip toeing a knife edge between the real and surreal. This psychedelia seems to reside in the many cultures that color the country of the setting sun. Though often written off as an Arabic country (in which there are a vast amount of sub-divisions), Morocco is also very, very Amazigh (Berber), as well as Gnawa and Sahrawi; a diversity that shines a kaleidoscope of art and folklore across the country. 

Here is a mix-tape of mostly vintage Moroccan music, with a peppering of the modern here and there. From Arabic to Amazigh to Gnawa, from the Rif Mountains to the coast of Essaouira and Agadir, from Western inspired rock & roll to reverbed trance and auto-tuned dance music, this is a little look at what makes Morocco so audibly delicious, intriguing, and downright addictive. 
1. "Mhemma Lkoun" - Spice Ray
2. "Tandra" - Aziz Izanzaren
3. "'Afak al-hwa hda 'liya, Nari 'ala zzin hlakni bil nakhwa" - Mohammed Rouicha
4. "Twist Iway T'koussi Chaarek Twist (1ère partie)" - Abdelwahab Doukkali
5. "El Harib" - Les Freres Megri & Jacques Hendrix
6. "Feyn Rhadi" - El Ansar Abdelghani
7. "El Hayem" - Mahmoud Megri 
8. "Ya Ya Twist" - Malika
9. "Wakha Nzwa Yaman" - Ithran
10. "Mama Mia" - Spice Ray
11. "Siri Siri Ghir Nsay" - Mustapha Oumguil
12. "Track 3" - Archach
13. "Laghmami (=Baba Lghmami -> Siyaf)" - Muluk el Hwa 
14. "Sebar" - Les Freres Megri & Jacques Hendrix
15. "Rajaat Laayoun" - Abdou El Omari
16. "Wayahou" - Ammouri Mbarek
17. "Elhassani 01" - Moulay Ahmed Elhassani
18. "Kedba" - Najat Aatabou 
19. "Khlili" - Lemchaheb
20. "Ya Li Hjarni" - Moulay Ahmed Elhassani
21. "First Guerrera" - Sufi Brotherhoods & Street Musicians, Tarodnant, Morocco

A big shout out to Tim Abdellah Fuson at Moroccan Tape Stash, from which most of this music was sourced.